Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account [2024]

Introduction to the Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

Managing your JustCall account balance is crucial to ensure uninterrupted communication. Whether you’re making calls or sending messages, having sufficient credits is essential.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the simple process of adding calling credits and setting up auto-recharge for your JustCall account.

By following these steps, you can maintain your account balance effortlessly and avoid any disruptions in your business communication.

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1.Adding Calling Credits

Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

1. Accessing Your Account

First things first, let’s get you logged into your JustCall account.

Open your web browser and go to the JustCall login page. Enter your credentials (such as business email and password) to access your dashboard. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see all your account details and settings. 


2. Navigating to Add Credits

Now that you’re logged in, you need to navigate to the section where you can add credits.

Scroll down to the bottom left corner of your screen. There, you’ll see an option labeled ‘Add credits’. Click on this option to proceed to the next step.

Why is it important?

Keeping your account balance topped up is important to ensure that your calls and messages go through without any issues. This step is simple but essential for uninterrupted service.


3. Choosing Top-up Amount

After clicking on ‘Add credits’, a panel will pop up prompting you to choose the top-up amount. You’ll see several options for how much credit you can add to your account.

Select the amount that best fits your needs. Whether you’re adding a small amount for a few calls or a larger sum for extended usage, choose what’s appropriate for your current requirements.


4. Proceeding to Payment

Once you’ve selected your top-up amount, click on “Proceed to Payment”. This will take you to a secure payment page.

Here, you’ll need to enter your card details to complete the transaction. Make sure to double-check your details to avoid any errors. After filling in your information, confirm the payment.

The process is straightforward and secure, ensuring that your credits are added without any hassle. Once the payment is processed, your account balance will be updated with the new credits.


2. Setting Up Auto Top-up

Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

1. Activating Auto Recharge Settings

To make sure you never run out of credits, you can set up Auto Top-up. This feature will automatically add credits to your account when your balance gets low. Here’s how you can activate it:


  • Login to Your Account: Start by logging into your JustCall account.
  • Navigate to Auto-Recharge Settings: Once logged in, go to the ‘Auto recharge settings’ which you’ll find right below the Proceed to Payment section.
  • Toggle On: Simply toggle the switch to turn on the auto-recharge feature.


2. Selecting Lower Balance Limit

Next, you need to decide the balance threshold at which you want the auto-recharge to trigger (see the image below).

  • Set the Balance Limit: Choose the lower balance limit that will prompt the auto-recharge. This ensures that your account is always topped up before it runs out of credits.

Importance of Balance Threshold

Setting this threshold is crucial because it prevents any interruption in your communication services.


3. Choosing Recharge Amount

Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

After setting the lower balance limit, the next step is to select the amount you want your account to be recharged with.

  • Select Recharge Amount: Pick the amount that fits your usage needs. This is the amount that will be automatically added to your account whenever the balance falls below the set threshold.


By ensuring automatic top-ups, you can maintain uninterrupted service and focus on your business communication without worrying about running out of credits.


4. Saving Changes

Finally, make sure to save your settings to activate the auto-recharge feature.

  • Save Changes: Click the “Save Changes” button to confirm your settings. This will ensure that your account is automatically recharged whenever your balance falls below the defined limit.

With this setup, you can be confident that your account will always have sufficient credits, maintaining seamless communication.


 Contacting Customer Support for Larger Top-ups

If you need to add a larger amount of credits to your account beyond the standard top-up options, JustCall’s customer support is here to help.

  • Contact Support: For larger top-up amounts, reach out to JustCall customer support.

JustCall’s support team will guide you through the process and ensure that your account is topped up with the necessary credits.


Conclusion: Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

Steps to Add Credits to Your JustCall Account

Managing your JustCall account balance is essential for ensuring uninterrupted communication. Here’s a quick recap of the steps to keep your account topped up and ready:

1. Adding Calling Credits:

  • Accessing Your Account: Log in and navigate to the bottom left of your screen.
  • Navigating to Add Credits: Click on ‘Add credits‘ to start the process.
  • Choosing Top-up Amount: Select the desired top-up amount from the options provided.
  • Proceeding to Payment: Fill in your card details and complete the transaction securely.

2. Setting Up Auto Top-up:

  1. Activating Auto Recharge Settings: Toggle on the auto-recharge feature in your account settings.
  2. Selecting Lower Balance Limit: Set the balance threshold to trigger auto-recharge.
  3. Choosing Recharge Amount: Decide on the amount for automatic top-ups.
  4. Saving Changes: Confirm and save your settings to activate auto-recharge.

Contacting Customer Support for Larger Top-ups
Contact JustCall customer support for assistance with larger top-up amounts.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your JustCall account remains sufficiently funded, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted communication. This convenience not only saves time but also enhances your business operations by maintaining a reliable communication channel.

Take advantage of these features to keep your JustCall account fully operational and your communication seamless. Whether through manual top-ups or the auto-recharge option, they provides the tools you need for effective account management.

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