How to Make and Receive Calls using NextivaONE |2023|

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Welcome to the future of seamless communication with NextivaONE! Say goodbye to the days of being tethered to a clunky desk phone – NextivaONE empowers you to connect, converse, and collaborate with ease, all from the convenience of your computer or tablet.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving into the ins and outs of how to make and receive calls using NextivaONE.

From initiating calls to adding private notes, and even tuning in to your voicemail messages, we’ve got you covered.

 how to make and receive calls using NextivaONE.


Unlocking the Power of NextivaONE


Imagine a world where your device becomes a virtual command center for all your communication needs. With NextivaONE, that vision becomes reality.

Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you’re just a click away from starting a call. But it’s not just about dialing numbers – it’s about transforming your calls into strategic conversations.


How to Make and Receive Calls using NextivaONE

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Making Outbound Calls: Effortless Connections with NextivaONE

In the dynamic world of modern communication, initiating calls shouldn’t be a chore. With NextivaONE, it’s a breeze.

Whether you’re a seasoned multitasker or a tech-savvy enthusiast, we’ve got a range of options that’ll have you dialing with finesse.

Let’s explore the art of making outbound calls with NextivaONE.

Method 1: The Elegance of the Phone Icon

Picture this: You’re ready to connect. Your cursor hovers over the screen, and there it is – the Phone icon perched at the top of your NextivaONE interface.

It’s the visual embodiment of connection. With one confident click, you’re on your way to engaging conversations. Elegant and direct – that’s the essence of this method.

Method 2: The Plus (+) Icon’s Magic Touch
There’s something enchanting about the Plus (+) icon. It’s like a gateway to countless possibilities. Imagine it as your personal call concierge.

Navigate to the top right corner of your screen, and there it is, gleaming with potential. Click on it, and a menu unfurls before you.

Select “Make a call,” and watch the possibilities materialize into a connection. It’s an invitation to simplicity – NextivaONE’s way of saying, “Your call, your way.”

Method 3: A Call from Profiles

This software believes in connections with context. When you’re diving into a contact’s or teammate’s profile, don’t miss the Phone icon.

It’s a little nudge, reminding you that every profile is a potential conversation. Give it a tap, and watch as it bridges the gap between digital profiles and real conversations. It’s a personal touch in a digital age.

Method 4: The Power of Your Words

For those who find joy in simplicity, NextivaONE application brings you the power of typing. Imagine a blank slate – you type a name, or you enter a number.

It’s like summoning a connection with your words. And just as effortlessly as you typed, you click “Call,” and it springs into action. It’s communication, uncomplicated.


Convenience Meets Flexibility

In a world that’s all about choices, NextivaONE gives you the freedom to choose your path to connection. The Phone icon at the top, the Plus (+) icon’s invitation, profiles that transform into calls, or the sheer magic of your words – the choice is yours.

And that’s what makes NextivaONE a true companion in your communication journey.

Embrace the convenience, relish the flexibility – this is making outbound calls with NextivaONE. It’s more than just dialing; it’s an experience tailored to your preferences.


Receiving Inbound Calls: A Seamless Welcome to NextivaONE’s Conversations

Picture this: your screen illuminates, signaling the arrival of an incoming call. With NextivaONE’s magic touch, answering that call becomes an experience like no other.

Let’s dive into the world of receiving inbound calls with finesse, from the elegant Nextiva Call Pop to exploring detailed interactions.

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The Nextiva Call Pop: Your Call’s Red Carpet

In the realm of Nextiva’s softphone application, incoming calls make a grand entrance with the Nextiva Call Pop. Imagine a discreet corner of your screen, the bottom right to be precise, coming to life with options.

Accept the call with a confident click or decline it with a graceful tap. It’s a red carpet for communication, where every incoming call is greeted with a touch of sophistication.


The Tale of Contact Details

This software isn’t just about numbers; it’s about connections. When an incoming call arrives from a contact already in your Nextiva universe, the magic unfolds.

The Call Pop transforms into a window of familiarity, displaying caller details as if it read your mind. It’s like having a digital Rolodex that knows exactly who’s calling.


Diving into Interaction History

But wait, there’s more. A single click on the contact’s name and you’re whisked away to a world of history.

It’s not just about that particular call; it’s about the entire journey of interactions. Calls, notes, messages – they all come together in a symphony of communication.

It’s a glimpse into the past that informs your present conversation.

Active Call Controls


Now, let’s journey into the heart of active call controls. When you’re in the midst of a conversation, NextivaONE empowers you with a suite of features designed to enhance your dialogue.


Hold/Resume: The Pause Button of Communication

Imagine you need a moment – perhaps to gather your thoughts or retrieve information. NextivaONE’s hold/resume feature lets you hit pause without losing the connection.

It’s like a musical interlude in a symphony of communication.

Mute: Silence That Speaks Volumes

There are times when your surroundings take center stage. With the mute function, you command silence while your words resonate.

It’s the ultimate tool for focusing the spotlight on your message.


Transfer and Conference: A Seamless Handover

Transfer calls like a maestro orchestrating a symphony. Seamlessly shift the spotlight to another participant.

And when conversations need collaboration, conference calling brings voices together in a harmonious chorus.


Adding Notes

Conversations are like stories – they deserve annotations. During an active call, a simple click on the note icon lets you jot down thoughts, reminders, or insights.

These notes become a personal touch, enriching the narrative of the conversation.


Seamless Device Shift: A Tech Symphony

Nextiva’s tip for you: Need to shift your live call from the mobile app to your computer? Here’s how. While using the mobile Nextiva app, open NextivaONE on your computer.

Dial *11 on the dial pad and select the call button. Watch as your conversation seamlessly switches from mobile to computer – it’s like magic for modern communicators.


Call Recording: Capturing Conversations with NextivaONE

Imagine having the power to capture every nuance of your conversations effortlessly. With Nextiva app, call recording becomes a tool of insight and documentation.

Let’s delve into the world of call recording, from the call control panel to administrative configurations.


Unlocking Call Recording: The Control Panel

In the realm of NextivaONE’s desktop or mobile application, the call control panel holds the key to recording your conversations.

While actively engaged in a call, you hold the reins to instant call recording. With a click, you can embark on a journey to capture vital details, poignant moments, and insightful exchanges.


Admin-Level Configuration: Where Power Lies

Here’s a crucial note: the ability to record calls is a capability that resides at the administrative level. It’s a measure of security and management, ensuring that recording power is placed in the right hands.

Admins wield the ability to configure recording settings, harmonizing the delicate balance between communication and compliance.


Navigating Recording: Steps to Command

Starting Recording: Amid an active call, locate the call control panel. A single click on “Start recording” ignites the process. It’s like setting the stage for a dialogue that’ll be etched into memory.

Pausing Recording: Conversation moving too quickly? Need a moment to reflect? Click “Pause” in the call control panel. It’s like hitting pause on a compelling movie scene – you’re in control of the tempo.

Resuming Recording: When you’re ready to continue the narrative, hit “Resume.” It’s like resuming a chapter in a captivating novel – you’re picking up where you left off.


Transferring a Call: A Smooth Handover

In the intricate dance of communication, sometimes the spotlight needs to shift. With NextivaONE App, transferring calls becomes a graceful exchange of connectivity.

Transfer Process Unveiled:
Click on the ellipses (those three dots) – your portal to call management.
Select “Transfer,” and a world of possibilities opens before you.
Enter the name or number of the lucky recipient – your communication baton is now handed over.

Choose between blind or warm transfer, a choice that aligns with the nature of your conversation.

Need an alternative? You can even channel the call directly to voicemail – it’s like sending a message through the wind.


Starting a Conference: When Conversations Converge

Amid collaboration, the need for a conference arises. NextivaONE facilitates this convergence of voices with utmost simplicity.

Steps to Initiate a Conference Call:
Seek out those ellipses – they’re like the keys to a harmonious meeting.
Select “Conference,” and a gateway to unity opens.
Enter the name or number of participants you wish to gather.
As they answer, the magic happens. Click “Merge call,” and suddenly, voices unite in a symphony of communication.


Adding a Note: Personalizing Your Call Insights with NextivaONE

Every conversation has its nuances – details that deserve to be captured and remembered. With NextivaONE’s note feature, you hold the power to transform fleeting moments into lasting insights.

Here’s how to infuse your calls with your personal touch.


Crafting Private Notes: A Conversation Chronicle

Click the Note Icon: Imagine it as your digital pen and paper. In the midst of a call, locate the Note icon. It’s like an artist’s palette, waiting for your strokes of insight.

Enter Your Note: Clicking the Note icon opens the gateway to your thoughts. Type away – whether it’s a key point, a reminder, or an observation. It’s your space to chronicle the essence of the call.

A Layer of Privacy: Here’s the secret ingredient – NextivaONE’s notes are your private sanctuary. They’re not shared with teammates, even if the contact is public to all.

It’s your personal touch, your interpretation of the conversation, stored away for your eyes only.

After the Call: As the call concludes, your note doesn’t vanish into thin air. It finds its way into the conversation thread. It’s like a bookmark in your communication history – a quick reference to remind you what the call was all about.

Viewing and Listening to Voicemail: A Multisensory Experience

image 4
Voicemail messages carry voices, tones, and information. With NextivaONE, accessing these messages becomes an immersive experience.

Unlocking Voicemail Insights

View Voicemail Transcription: When you spot a voicemail, click on it. The magic unfolds as a transcription appears before you. It’s like a textual echo of the spoken word, giving you a glimpse into the message’s essence.

Listen with the Play Button: Sometimes, hearing is believing. The Play button is your portal to auditory immersion. Click it, and the voicemail springs to life, enveloping you in the speaker’s voice.

Setting Up Voicemail

Want to learn how to configure voicemail? Check out the link here for detailed instructions on setting up this vital feature.

Managing Call Center Status

For those with the call center mantle, NextivaONE takes your availability seriously. Managing your status and outbound number is a matter of a few clicks.

Taking Control

Click the Headset: Positioned at the top of the screen, it’s your gateway to call center empowerment. A single click unveils a realm of possibilities.

Changing Availability: Instantly switch between available and unavailable modes. It’s like a virtual “open” or “closed” sign for your communication sanctuary.

Outbound Number: Need to change your outbound number? The Headset is your control tower. Your outbound number aligns with your strategy.

Access to Settings: For the nitty-gritty details of call center management, click here to learn how to access your call center settings with ease.




virtual business phone number
As we wrap up our exploration of NextivaONE’s intricate tapestry of communication capabilities, let’s take a moment to reflect on the gems we’ve uncovered.

From making calls to managing call center status, NextivaONE is your passport to communication excellence.

A Symphony of Making and Receiving Calls

In the dynamic landscape of communication, NextivaONE shines as a beacon of innovation. Making outbound calls isn’t just a task; it’s an art form.

Whether you’re drawn to the elegant Phone icon, enticed by the magic of the Plus (+) icon, or find resonance in a profile’s touch, NextivaONE caters to your preferences.

It’s a world where your words become connections, your intentions become conversations, and your actions become dialogues.

The Elegance of Receiving Calls
With NextivaONE, receiving inbound calls is like welcoming guests to a well-orchestrated event.

The Nextiva Call Pop graces your screen, extending the red carpet for every conversation. As you click to accept or decline, a familiar contact’s details come to life, creating a personal touch.

And then, a simple click on a contact’s name opens a portal to interaction history, making every conversation a part of a grand narrative.

Control and Power with Active Call Management

When you’re in the midst of active calls, NextivaONE equips you with a suite of features that grant you control. From placing calls on hold to muting audio, transferring conversations, and conferencing, every option becomes an extension of your communication prowess.

The call control panel is your canvas, and the ellipses are your gateway to seamless transitions. As you shape conversations with your notes, remember that every interaction becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of communication.

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Nextiva Phone System

Voicemail and Call Center

Voicemails cease to be a chore with NextivaONE’s immersive features. Transcriptions and the Play button unite to offer you a multisensory experience.

And if you’re at the helm of a call center, NextivaONE empowers you to manage your status and outbound number with ease.

The Headset is your command center, giving you the power to shape your availability and communication strategy.

Your Journey with NextivaONE
As we bid adieu to our exploration, remember that NextivaONE isn’t just an application; it’s a companion in your communication journey.

Convenience and efficiency converge in every feature, making each call, each interaction, a testament to the power of innovation.

The future of communication isn’t just about connection; it’s about enrichment. With NextivaONE, your calls are more than just words – they’re the building blocks of meaningful connections.

Embrace the convenience, seize the efficiency – this is communication, redefined.

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