How to Convert Customer SMS into Intercom Conversations

In today’s competitive market, building brand loyalty is all about delivering an exceptional customer experience. Customers are no longer just looking for the best products; they want the best service and support. Offer a superior experience, and they’ll choose you over your competitors every time.

That’s where the new “Intercom via SMS” feature from JustCall comes into play. This innovative tool can transform how you interact with your customers, helping you close more deals and make your customers happier.

I’m excited to introduce this feature to you because it aligns perfectly with our mission at Interesting VoIP: to provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to harness the true potential of VoIP communication.  I believe this feature will significantly enhance your customer communication.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to convert customer SMS into Intercom conversations, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to providing top-notch service.

Importance of SMS in Business Communication

SMS has become a crucial component of business communication for several reasons. Firstly, it’s incredibly efficient. Unlike emails, which can get lost in crowded inboxes, or phone calls, which require immediate availability, SMS allows for quick, direct communication. Customers can send a text whenever they have a moment and expect a timely response without the need for back-and-forth scheduling.

JustCall has recognized the power of texting and is committed to enhancing its texting features continuously. With the integration of SMS into platforms like Intercom, JustCall is making it easier for businesses to leverage this preferred communication channel.

Advantages of SMS via Intercom

Integrating SMS with Intercom brings numerous advantages, including:

  • Instant Communication: Texts are typically read within minutes of being received, ensuring that your messages get noticed quickly.
  • Convenience for Customers: Customers appreciate the convenience of texting over calling or emailing, which can often be more time-consuming.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: SMS has higher open and response rates compared to emails, leading to more meaningful interactions with customers.
  • Seamless Integration: Combining SMS with Intercom’s robust platform ensures all communications are tracked and managed efficiently, enhancing your team’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

JustCall and Intercom Integration Overview

JustCall integrates seamlessly with Intercom, providing a range of features designed to streamline your communication processes. Here’s a quick overview of the standard integration features.

Standard Integration Features:

  1. Call and SMS Tracking in Intercom:
    • JustCall’s integration with Intercom ensures that all your calls and SMS are tracked directly within the Intercom platform. This means you can keep a detailed record of all interactions, making it easier to monitor communication patterns and address any issues promptly.
  2. Click-to-Call and Text Icons:
    • One of the standout features of this integration is the click-to-call and text icons that appear next to phone numbers. Whether you are viewing a customer’s profile or any section where their number is displayed, these icons allow you to initiate a call or send a text directly from Intercom without switching platforms.
  3. Logging Calls and Texts as Events:
    • Every call made or text sent through JustCall is logged as an event in Intercom. This logging includes all relevant details, such as the phone number involved, the Intercom agent handling the communication, and the content of the message or call summary. This meticulous logging ensures that all interactions are documented, providing a comprehensive history of your customer communications.

Prabhat Ranjan JustCall Intercom 1

Example of How Text Messages are Logged in Intercom

When a text message is sent or received, it appears as an event in the sidebar of the customer’s profile within Intercom. This event log contains:

  • The phone number: Identifies the number you texted or received a text from.
  • The agent: Displays which Intercom agent was associated with the text message.
  • The content: Includes the actual text of the message, providing full visibility into the communication.

This level of integration not only simplifies communication but also enhances transparency and accountability within your team. By having all call and SMS interactions logged and easily accessible, you can ensure that every customer interaction is tracked and followed up appropriately.


Converting Customer SMS into Intercom Conversations

As businesses grow, the need for deeper integration between communication platforms becomes apparent. While JustCall’s existing integration with Intercom works well for logging calls and texts, some customers desired a more refined solution that aligns closely with Intercom’s native functionality.

The primary challenge was ensuring that all communications, especially SMS, remain synced within Intercom without requiring users to switch platforms.

Enter JustCall new feature: “Intercom via SMS.” This feature is designed to address the need for seamless communication by converting customer SMS into Intercom conversations. Here’s how it works.

Example Scenario Demonstrating the Feature:

  1. Receiving an SMS on JustCall:
    • Imagine a customer texts your support number with a query. This message is received on your JustCall number, and you get notifications on the JustCall web app and mobile apps.
  2. Creating a New Conversation in Intercom:
    • Instead of switching to JustCall’s Text Messenger, the SMS is automatically converted into a new conversation within Intercom. This is done by creating a new conversation thread, marked with “(via SMS)” to indicate that the message originated from an SMS rather than the web messenger.
  3. Replying through Intercom as a Text Message:
    • As an Intercom operator, you can reply directly to this conversation within Intercom. When you send your reply, it is delivered to the customer as a text message from your JustCall number. This integration means you handle all communications through Intercom, maintaining productivity without juggling between different apps.

By converting customer SMS into Intercom conversations, JustCall ensures that you can engage with your customers through their preferred communication method while keeping everything organized in one place.

Step-by-Step Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the “Intercom via SMS” feature works:

  1. Customer Texts a Support Number:
  2. JustCall Converts the Text into an Intercom Conversation:
    • JustCall automatically converts the incoming text message into a new conversation in Intercom. The conversation thread is tagged with “(via SMS)” to indicate the source of the message.
  3. Intercom User Replies to the Conversation:
    • Within Intercom, your support team can respond to the customer’s query as they would with any other Intercom conversation. They type and send their reply directly within Intercom.
  4. Customer Receives the Reply as a Text Message:
    • The customer’s phone receives the reply as an SMS, sent from your JustCall number. The entire conversation remains within Intercom, but the customer experiences it through their preferred method: text messaging.

This integration not only streamlines communication but also ensures that support reps can manage all interactions within Intercom, significantly enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the “Intercom via SMS” Feature

The “Intercom via SMS” feature offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing the way businesses communicate with their customers. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Communication Efficiency:
    • By converting SMS into Intercom conversations, businesses can streamline their communication processes. This integration ensures that all messages are handled within Intercom, reducing the need to switch between different platforms and improving response times.
  2. Seamless Interaction Without Switching Apps:
    • Support reps can manage all customer interactions directly within Intercom, maintaining a seamless workflow. This reduces the friction associated with switching between JustCall and Intercom, allowing for more efficient handling of customer queries.
  3. Personalized Customer Experience:
    • Customers prefer the convenience and immediacy of SMS. By integrating SMS into Intercom, businesses can provide a more personalized and responsive experience, meeting customers where they are most comfortable.
  4. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:
    • Quick and efficient responses to customer queries via their preferred communication method can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to remain loyal and recommend your business to others, driving growth and success.

Activation and Additional Information

To take advantage of the “Intercom via SMS” feature, follow these steps:

Feature Availability in the Pro Plan:

    • This feature is part of JustCall’s Pro Plan. If you’re not already on this plan, consider upgrading to access this and other advanced features.

Steps to Activate the Feature Through JustCall Support:

    • To activate the “Intercom via SMS” feature, simply use the blue chat icon at the bottom right corner of the JustCall dashboard to connect with their support team. They will guide you through the activation process and ensure everything is set up correctly.

Note on SMS Rates for Sending and Receiving Texts:

    • It’s important to note that standard SMS rates will apply for sending and receiving text messages. Be sure to review these rates to understand any associated costs.

Scheduling a Personalized Demo Session:

    • If you’re interested in learning more about this feature and other JustCall capabilities, we recommend scheduling a personalized demo session. JustCall team can provide a detailed walkthrough and answer any questions you might have. They support texting phone numbers in over 30 countries, ensuring broad applicability for your business needs.


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Conclusion: Convert Customer SMS into Intercom Conversations

Convert Customer SMS into Intercom Conversations

In summary, the “Intercom via SMS” feature bridges the gap between SMS and Intercom, enabling businesses to offer a seamless, efficient, and personalized customer communication experience. By converting customer SMS into Intercom conversations, you can manage all interactions within a single platform, enhancing both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

I encourage you to utilize this feature to improve your customer interaction and streamline your support processes. We’re always eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us via the comment section for more information. If you’re not already using JustCall and are looking to sign up, you can start your free trial here. Start Free Trial →

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